Coffee Drink Breakdown (so you know how to order)


For most of us, our day hasn’t started until we’ve had our first cup of coffee. It’s not just the caffeine that perks us up– there’s just something about having that warm cup in your hands and familiar taste in your mouth that makes the morning more enjoyable (or just plain bearable if you’re not a morning person like me!).

I usually start with my first cup of coffee at home, but for some reason unknown to anyone I’ve ever met, coffee just tastes so much better at the coffee shop. I used to always order the caffé latte, until I realized a cappuccino was more my style with less milk.

Because all of these coffee drinks can be confusing and hard to pronounce (or even the size when a tall is considered a small?), I’ve made this coffee drink guide to help you know exactly what to order! I’ve left a few coffee drinks out because I feel like it’s just as easy to order them for what they are (example: Doppio is just a double espresso and I don’t like to say doppio).

Coffee Drink Breakdown -- So you know exactly what to order!! Awesome blog with lots of helpful tips like this.

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