20 Cool Glow Stick Ideas

10. Glow Stick Hopscotch

Night time hopscotch using glow sticks!

20 Cool Glow Stick Ideas | Glow Stick Hopscotch

11. Glow In The Dark Drink Cups

This is probably my favorite glow in the dark party idea. Don’t worry, the glow sticks aren’t actually in the beverage. They are resting at the bottom of one cup, with a clear plastic cup on top where the drink goes. Genius!

Cool Glow Stick Crafts | Glow In The Dark Drinks

Source & Instructions: Mommy Savers

12. Glow Stick Pool Party

If you’re going to have a glow stick party, why not have it in the pool?! The more glow sticks, the better!

Cool Glow Stick Ideas | Glow Stick Pool Party

Image Source: UER

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