20 Cool Glow Stick Ideas

15. Glow Stick Firefly

This fun craft using recycled materials will keep the kids entertained for hours. The great thing about this project is that you can simply unscrew the top and replace the glow stick when it runs out.

Cool Glow Stick Ideas | Glow Stick Firefly

Source & Instructions: Craft Craft

16. Glow Stick Floating Hands

Creepy! Fill surgical gloves with glow sticks, blow them up, and let them float in your pool.

20 Cool Glow Stick Ideas | Glow Stick Floating Hands

Source: flickr

17. Glow Stick Balloon Ghosts

I love these! Although impressive, they are easy to make with just white balloons, green glow sticks, and Sharpies to draw the ghost faces. I’ll bet you could even throw a little cheese cloth over top for a real ghostly effect.

20 Cool Glow Stick Ideas | Glow Stick Balloon Ghosts

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