29+ Cool Spray Paint Ideas That Will Save You A Ton Of Money

12. Mirrored Gazing Garden Ball

Mirrored balls are a unique way to add character to your yard or garden, and the mirror effect can also make it look larger. I think these would be really charming resting in a flower bed as part of the landscape! To make your own gazing ball, you can find used bowling balls at thrift stores and spray them with a mirror-like spray paint. Just be sure the holes are face down so that they aren’t visible. You can find more details on this here, although I would suggest cleaning the ball really well to remove all of the oils and residue before spray painting.

13. Update Your Vases

Turn a boring vase into beautiful and modernistic home decor with just spray paint and these instructions from Two Twenty One— Love, love!! I have so many old vases that I just can’t seem to part with, and now I’m so happy that I’ve been hoarding them all these years! You can also find vases at thrift stores for just a buck or two.

14. Re-purposed Canisters

I always feel so guilty throwing away those sturdy, thick plastic canisters that are sold with nuts, trail mix, cookies, etc., and now I’ve been inspired to keep just about every single one of them, because just look at what you can do with them! These would also be great re-purposed for craft supplies and other small trinkets (like in the garage for screws and nails). Even better, make them pretty with spray paint and labels! Check out the details here.

#14. Re-purpose canisters for the pantry! -- Home decor ideas for cheap! Lots of Awesome and Easy DIY spray paint ideas for projects, home decor, wall art and furniture!! This makes refurbishing old things so much fun! Just visit thrift stores and dollar stores to make things on a budget! Listotic.com

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