29+ Cool Spray Paint Ideas That Will Save You A Ton Of Money

17. DIY Outdoor Planters

Well, isn’t that just the smartest idea!? Turn plastic trash cans into large outdoor planters, and save a couple hundred bucks! With the hammered spray paint, you would never guess that these planters were made out of plastic! The original source and instructions for this no longer exists (I think the website expired), but the idea is to spray paint cheap, plastic trash cans and fill them with cinder block or rocks before adding soil to weigh them down.

#17. DIY Large Outdoor Planters for a bargain! -- Home decor ideas for cheap! Lots of Awesome and Easy DIY spray paint ideas for projects, home decor, wall art and furniture!! This makes refurbishing old things so much fun! Just visit thrift stores and dollar stores to make things on a budget! Listotic.com

18. Update Your Countertops

I’ll bet you never thought you could transform an ugly laminate countertop for less than $10 with spray paint! And, the Bright Green Door will give you all of the details and instructions for this money-saving project. You won’t believe the before and after pics! I just love remodeling projects that cost next to nothing.

19. Overhaul An Old Rug

Spray painting a rug may sound kind of scary, but there is a paint that is made just for this! Apparently it dries soft (that’s pretty important for a rug), but keep in mind that you will need several coats depending on what you are painting. Check out the instructions and tips for this project over at The Good, The Bad & The Truth!

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