29+ Cool Spray Paint Ideas That Will Save You A Ton Of Money

2. DIY Metallic Flower Pots

Modernize low-cost terra cotta pots with a couple of coats of spray paint (metallic, chalkboard, glitter blast, etc.). With the help of painter’s tape or stencils, you could also decorate them with a pretty design. Just be sure to clean the pot(s) in warm water to get all of the dust off, and perhaps sand it a bit to help the paint adhere. These pots are extremely porous, so you will probably need a primer and several coats of paint.

#2. Spray paint cheap terra cotta pots! Pretty! -- 29 Cool Spray Paint Ideas That Will Save You A Ton Of Money

3. Rubber Boots Revamped

If you have a pair of rubber boots that still serve the purpose, but are just getting old, funky or faded, consider a coat of spray paint to make them look brand new! You may get a few runs, but you can easily sand them down. I suppose if your boots look that bad to begin with, what do you have to lose? Go check out the instructions for this easy project over at At Home In The Northwest.

4. DIY Mercury Glass

Mercury glass is on it’s way to being more popular than bacon and mustaches, and I can definitely see why it is so beloved! But, unfortunately it’s also pricey. I’m seeing mercury glass on everything from ornaments to lamps, but who would have guessed that there is a mirror effect spray paint that makes this an easy DIY project even for craft-challenged folks to make their very own mercury glass! I especially like this idea for an old vase (probably because I have a dozen of them tucked away in a closet just begging to get used).

Go check out Amanda’s simple instructions for this over at Hammer & Heels!

***Tip*** I’ve also seen this project done by first misting an equal mixture of vinegar and water on the glass before spray painting it if you want more splotches in the final effect.

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