29+ Cool Spray Paint Ideas That Will Save You A Ton Of Money

29. Thrift Shop Treasures

The next time you go to a thrift store or are getting ready to throw something away that appears to be junk, just imagine the possibilities of spray paint! There are so many things that can be transformed, especially old frames. You can find them everywhere for next to nothing! Live Love DIY has some great thrift store tips if you’re thinking about hunting for a few treasures.

30. Lace & Spray Paint

It’s amazing how you can completely transform a piece of furniture with a little bit of spray paint, but this lace technique is off the hook! Even if you don’t get an even texture with your paint distribution, it would still have a cool vintage vibe. Check out all of the details over at Home Dzine!

DIY spray paint technique for furniture using lace! This makes such a cool design. Lots of DIY spray paint ideas here. | Listotic

31. Burlap Spray Paint Technique

Making your own wall art has never been so much fun! Check out this cool burlap technique from 52 Mantels. Emily gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the look.

DIY spray paint canvas wall art using burlap! A huge list of DIY spray paint ideas here. | Listotic

Now that you’re inspired, don’t forget that you will need a good ventilated space to spray and something to prevent overspray (like spraying in a box), and you might also find these Spray Paint FAQ’s to be really handy before you get started! The preparation can be the most important part of the job if you want to be happy with the results. 🙂

Tips and tricks for spray painting! -- Home decor ideas for cheap! Lots of Awesome and Easy DIY spray paint ideas for projects, home decor, wall art and furniture!! This makes refurbishing old things so much fun! Just visit thrift stores and dollar stores to make things on a budget! Listotic.com Source: October Afternoon

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