8 Creative Deviled Egg Ideas For Halloween

Although it’s still August (and boy does it feel like it!), with Fall finally approaching, I’ve already started planning my Halloween party. I really enjoy getting creative with food and making it as creepy as possible in celebration of the changing season.

I’m not sure why Halloween is my favorite “holiday”, but it may have something to do with Snickers. I definitely have a sweet tooth! Sometimes I last a few days without rummaging through the kids’ candy bags, but I eventually end up with my fair share of chocolate by the time Thanksgiving hits. And, although I do love me some sugar, I also try to balance it out with a least a few healthy things thrown in the mix.

Deviled eggs are my go-to party appetizer because even though they smell foul sometimes, they’re always a hit! And, as you can probably see by now, there are so many creative and fun ways to decorate them for Halloween!

Easy Halloween Party Appetizer Ideas for kids and adults! Super creepy (yet cute) deviled egg recipes. Easy, healthy and delicious!

1. Owl O’ Ween Deviled Eggs

Aren’t these just the cutest!? Not quite as creepy as some of the others, but they’re adorable for Halloween or Thanksgiving. You will find the recipe and complete instructions over at Rook No.17 (along with quite a few other creative ideas).

Owl Deviled Eggs Recipe - 8 Deviled Egg Ideas for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Super creative party food! A healthy, easy and non-candy party appetizer for Fall.

2. Olive Spider Deviled Eggs

These creepy deviled eggs are probably my favorite because they’re super easy and kids love them! Simply whip up your favorite deviled egg recipe (this is a good one), and cut several black olives in half, using one half as the body and the other half to make 8 little spider legs. Sprinkle with paprika for the finishing touch.

Easy Olive Spider Deviled Eggs -- 8 super creepy Halloween party appetizer ideas! Healthy and non-candy.

3. Monster Eye Deviled Eggs

These spooky monster eyes may not look appetizing, but they’re delightfully delicious! Don’t let the green scare you away, it’s just avocado. 🙂 Check out the recipe and instructions over at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Monster Eyeball Deviled Eggs Recipe -- the perfect appetizer idea for a Halloween party! Kids and adults love them! Healthy and non-candy.

4. Deviled Egg Brains

Is the color of these Brainy deviled eggs spot on or what?! It really is kinda grossing me out… in a good “creepy Halloween” kind of way. You will find the recipe and full instructions for these scary deviled eggs over at Brit+Co.

Deviled Egg Brains Recipe -- 8 scary Halloween party appetizer ideas for kids and adults! Easy, healthy and yummy!

5. Rotten Deviled Eggs

Ok, these eggs aren’t actually rotten, but they sure do look like it! Which is kind of the whole idea here, right? You can find the detailed instructions on how to get that spider web effect on your egg whites over at Tablespoon. For the yolk, simply add in a little green food coloring to your favorite deviled egg recipe (this is a good one), or better yet, use avocado to get that ghoulish green color. Top with chia seeds for the finishing touch.

Spider Web Deviled Eggs Recipe -- the perfect party food for Halloween! Easy, healthy and delish! Both kids and adults love them.

6. Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

You won’t believe how easy these are to make, and WITHOUT food coloring! They’re perfect for any Fall holiday party, but if you’d like to make them a little more spooky for Halloween, I’ve seen them made into jack o’ lanterns by cutting sea weed or black olives into face shapes. Check out the recipe and instructions for these darling little deviled eggs over at Build A Menu.

Easy Pumpkin Deviled Eggs Recipe -- the perfect party appetizer for Halloween or Thanksgiving! Easy, healthy and SO GOOD! I love Fall.

7. Devil Deviled Eggs (get it?)

Simply throw together your favorite deviled egg recipe (like this one), and cut devil horns out of red bell peppers to creative these evil eggs. I think a devil goatee made out of bell pepper would also be delightful here. Simply use diced black olives to make the face, and voila!

Devil Deviled Eggs Recipe -- Easy Creepy Halloween Food Idea for a party!

8. Batty Deviled Eggs

Are you seeing a trend here!? Black olives seem to be popular in all of these Halloween deviled egg recipes, and I can see why. They’re super tasty and easy to manipulate into spooky little creatures! I found these olive bat deviled eggs over at Marie Spano, along with a few other cute party food ideas.

Bat Deviled Eggs Recipe -- Easy Halloween Food for kids and adults! A healthy Halloween appetizer that is sure to please! Easy to make with olives.

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