24 Creative Garden Container Ideas

11. Toy Truck Planters

A dump truck! This has got to be a bachelor’s ideal garden container. I think it’s quite whimsical and fun, myself! I can’t help but think of everything as a container for plants now. Who wants a boring old pot when you can have something unique like this!? The only thing I would suggest is to drill a few holes in the bottom for proper drainage.

12. Birdcage Planters

Birdcages come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and they’re ideal for showcasing your plants, especially plants that tend to hang and droop; spilling out of the cage.

13. Paint Can Planters

They’re just the right size and shape! Drill a few holes in the bottom and decorate them however you’d like. Or, don’t decorate them at all! Just remove the label. I like the way they look in their natural state.

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