24 Creative Garden Container Ideas

7. Strainer Planters

Because they’ve already got the holes for drainage, they’re perfect for potting plants! I love the idea of using a colorful vintage pasta strainer. Lovely for indoors or out.

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas | Use an old pasta strainer as a planter!

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8. Tree Stump Planters

What might now be an eyesore, can be a beautiful and natural flower pot. Use a chisel and hammer to carve out the middle of a tree stump or log, fill with soil, and then plant flowers of your choice.

9. Natural Rock Planters

Similar to the idea of hollowing out a tree stump, there are also plants that will grow really well in shallow rocks. You might already have a few rocks that are hollow enough to support succulents or dessert plants, but you can also group a few rocks or stones together to create a natural little rock garden.

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas |  Use rocks as planters!

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