27+ Easy Remodeling Projects That Will Completely Transform Your Home

14. Say Goodbye To Brass

In one of my first homes, I spent a couple of years replacing all of the brass (hinges, door knobs, light fixtures, faucets, ceiling fans, etc.), and it really added up by the end of my anti-brass frenzy! If only I had known about Rust-Oleum then! Did it even exist? I’m not sure, but it would have saved me a lot of money. It’s ideal for fixtures that don’t get touched like ceiling fans and lights, but you can also use it on faucets and door knobs with a little bit of touching up now and then. You can buy this stuff in oil rubbed bronze, nickel, iron, rust, or steel!

If you’re as inspired by this stuff as I am, go check out this faucet redo over at Sincerely Sarah D. and light fixture update over at One Hundred Dollars A Month.

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