27+ Easy Remodeling Projects That Will Completely Transform Your Home

18. Paint Your Sinks & Tubs

I had a garden tub in my master bathroom a few years back that had lost most of it’s coating from years of being cleaned with harsh chemicals and brushes (oops! Hehe), and the cost and process of replacing the tub was ridiculous! We were going to have to take out the window just to get the tub in. After doing a little research, I realized there was a much easier and more cost effective way to get that new tub I really wanted– Epoxy paint! I hired someone to apply it because I was nervous about getting an even coat on such a large surface, but the results were nothing less than amazing. I’ve since moved, but the paint looked the same several years later after being applied.

With my experience, I highly recommend this for covering up outdated or surface scratched sinks or tubs. Check out the full instructions for this sink transformation here. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, it’s still a lot cheaper than replacement.

How to restore an old sink for cheap. -- A list of some of the best home remodeling ideas on a budget. Easy DIY, cheap and quick updates for your kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms to help sell your house! Lots of before and after photos to get you inspired! Fixer Upper, here we come. Listotic.com

Source & Instructions: City Suburb Sanity

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