27+ Easy Remodeling Projects That Will Completely Transform Your Home

27. Spruce Up Your Shower

Customize your shower insert by adding natural stone or tile to the area just above where it doesn’t quite meet the ceiling. This will make the entire shower feel and look more upscale. And when the shower curtain is closed, this is what you see anyway! It is also more functional than sheetrock because it will resist water spots and mold a lot better.

28. Update Brick With Stain

It turns out that concrete stain can stain more than just concrete. Try using it on brick to completely clean up an old fireplace surround or wall. Check out this You Tube video with tips on how to get the job done right.

How to update a brick fireplace surround the easy way with concrete stain! Super cheap and budget friendly! A list of some of the best home remodeling ideas on a budget. Easy DIY, cheap and quick updates for your kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms to help sell your house! Lots of before and after photos to get you inspired! Fixer Upper, here we come. Listotic.com

29. Fun Accent Wall

Use painter’s tape to create a fun mosaic accent wall! I love this idea for a small wall in a nursery, kids’ room or game room. You could go super crazy with lots of fun colors, or keep it simple and elegant with different shades of the same color. Just hop on over to Hometalk to see the full instructions and more pictures for this easy paint project.

Easy DIY home decor idea for a bedroom: create a fun accent wall with painter's tape! This mosaic wall is easy enough for anyone to do! Super fun for a nursery or play room. Listotic.com

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