22 Everyday Products You Can Easily Make From Home

22. Homemade Spray Shampoo

Wait, I don’t get it! Spray shampoo? I know, I’ve gotten so used to the dry shampoo that I couldn’t wrap my head around the whole spray thing, but now that I understand how this stuff works, I like it so much more!

There are two main problems with my hair when I go even just one day without shampooing: #1 It’s greasy looking, #2 it needs to be restyled (bed head). BUT, I have A LOT of hair! Shampooing it every single day is such a pain– first there’s the shampoo, then conditioner, then getting the tangles out, then applying leave-in product, then comes the blow dryer, and finally the curling iron. By the time I get done with all of that, I’m ready for a nap.

Here’s the simplest way to get at least one day in between shampooing: SPRAY shampoo!! Spray it on your roots (for me I just spray around my hair line and where I part my hair), and then use your blowdryer for a minute or two to restyle it. Voila!

The alcohol and corn starch absorb oil, and the melaleuca oil (basically tea tree oil) is good for your skin and scalp. I have blonde hair (this week) so this recipe works great for me, but if you have darker hair, I’ve heard that adding a bit of unsweetened cocoa powder will do the trick!

#22. Homemade Spray Shampoo -- 22 Everyday Products You Can Easily Make From Home (for less!) These are all so much healthier, too!

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