24 Fixer Upper Inspired Home Decorations

Every time I watch Fixer Upper (which is all the time because HGTV runs almost as many reruns of that show as TBS does of Friends), I get really inspired to either take on a huge project or simply go shopping to redecorate every room in my house. Usually it’s the latter! I do love to shop. My husband would probably tell you that I have an Amazon shopping problem (I think he’s just tired of trying to dispose of all of the boxes left on the front porch).

On my never-ending hunt for things to spruce up my living room mantel, I discovered that Amazon has a ton of really charming farmhouse decorations. Take a look for yourself! I think I may have overdone it on the cotton stems. 🙂

Fixer Upper Home Decor Ideas and products for your living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms or any room of the house! Farmhouse decor on a budget. Listotic.com

1.Knife, Fork, & Spoon Wall Decor

2. Square Bottles With Wire Basket

3. Country Tin Letters

4. Metal Galvanized Watering Jug

5. Barnwood Decorative Arrow

6. Mason Jar Chalkboard

7. Linen Pillow Cover

8. Rustic Metal Eat Sign

9. Reclaimed Old Wooden Ladder

10. Metal 2-Tier Tray

11. Nearly Natural Olive Wreath

12. Ceramic White Bottles

13. Rustic Coffee Bar Shelf

14. Metal Four Tin Organizer

15. Coffee Mug Storage Basket

16. Rustic Open Box Shelves

17. Round Metal Serving Tray

18. Mason Jar Wall Sconces

19. Farmhouse Wall Sconce

20. Oval Wire Basket

21. Cotton Stems

22. Wooden Wall Decorative Sign

23. Farmhouse Bottle Opener

24. Semi-Circle Windmill Wall Decor

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