10 Helpful Tips That Will Make You A Better Driver

7. DIY Car Diffuser

Keep your car smelling fresh and chemical free with just a few items you probably already have at home! Hot glue a couple of mini pom poms onto a clothes pin, and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil(s) whenever you need it. Check out more essential oil tips like this here.

8. Block Out The Sun

Keep your kids happy and quiet with a sun shade that easily just clings to any window. This would also be great for the driver’s door on those long commutes home! You can pick one up here for about $15.

I need this so bad! -- 10 Helpful Car Tips and Ideas

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9. Easy Car Trash Can

There’s nothing like being organized and clean, and that includes your car! Even though I spend so much time in my car driving, I sometimes forget that it needs to be regularly cleaned, until it gets unbearable. Keep a makeshift trash can in there to make it more manageable. Check it out here! She only spent a dollar on this container, and also has a solution for a stinky car.

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