11 Sneaky Ways To Burn More Calories Every Day

9. Workout While Getting Ready

Talk about multi tasking! All that time we spend drying our hair, brushing and flossing our teeth, and applying lotions and creams could also be used to strengthen our lower body with wall squats, calf raises, or butt squeezes. I also like to stretch my hamstrings when I dry my hair upside down by keeping my legs straight and putting my head as close to my knees as possible.

#9. Do wall squats and calf raises while brushing your teeth. -- 11 Sneaky Ways To Burn More Calories Every Day

10. Fidget More

This may seem like a silly way to burn more calories, but have you ever heard that fidgeters burn up to an extra 350 calories per day? This seems hard to believe, but I suppose every little movement counts. I keep one of these Grip Masters at my desk and on my coffee table, and constantly find myself using it throughout the day. I couldn’t tell you how many extra calories I actually burn, but I can sure feel it in my hands and forearms!

Also, try to move or tap your feet when at rest (sitting at your desk or watching TV), if you’re talking on the phone, get up and walk; pace whenever possible, run instead of walking from one room to the next, and get up as much as possible.

#10. Fidget more. -- 11 Sneaky Ways To Burn More Calories Every Day

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11. Upbeat Music

The music you listen to can really set your mood, either robbing you of energy or giving you that little extra boost. If you listen to music with a fast beat, you will unconsciously find yourself moving a bit quicker, which ultimately means burning more calories. Sometimes an upbeat song can feel like it gives you as much energy as a cup of coffee, so be careful with your music choices, especially if you want to get more done!

#11. Listen to upbeat music. -- 11 Sneaky Ways To Burn More Calories Every Day

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