11 Sneaky Ways To Burn More Calories Every Day

5. Walking Meetings

Instead of sitting in a conference room, take your meetings outside for a walk. Not only does this burn a few extra calories and promote circulation after sitting at your desk, but the change of scenery and activity can really get your creative juices flowing, as well as help with communication. Those 5 minutes outside will also break up the day and make the rest of your work day easier and more enjoyable.

#5. Walk Meetings -- 11 Sneaky Ways To Burn More Calories Every Day

6. Adjustable Desk Top

I tried the idea of a standing desk a few years back, but unfortunately it wasn’t adjustable, so sitting down wasn’t an option. I thought I could get through a long day at my desk without sitting down, but I was wrong! I went from having back problems, to having different back problems. Ideally, I want the option to sit and then stand, sit and then stand.

If you’re desk-bound like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about! I found this adjustable desk top on Amazon and couldn’t resist sharing my find. You can just rest it on your existing desk and adjust it from standing to sitting in 3 seconds.

Not only does standing (at least a large portion of the day) help relieve pain and improve posture, but the extra calories burnedĀ over the course of a year can easily add up to a 5-15 pound weight loss.

#6. Get an adjustable desk top so you can stand and sit. -- 11 Sneaky Ways To Burn More Calories Every Day

Get one here: Amazon

7. Take Advantage Of Commercials

Everyone knows that watching TV isn’t a good calorie burner (unless you’re on a treadmill or stationary bike!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t offset the couch potato inside of you a bit by using the commercials as your opportunity to get up and be active. This can be something as simple as getting up and doing a quick chore, running up and down the stairs, or getting on the floor and working on your six pack — just as long as you make it a point to get up off of the couch for every commercial!

#7. Get off of the couch for every commercial. -- 11 Sneaky Ways To Burn More Calories Every Day

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