11 Stunning Tile Ideas For Your Home

2. Iridescent Tile

The nice thing about iridescent glass tile is that it always looks different with a variance of colors just depending on the time of day and lighting. In fact, if you check out Larry’s shower photo below on flickr (at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas), you will see that the other photos of the same shower don’t look nearly as colorful, but rather a more neutral tone. It’s like a piece of art work!

You can find a large variety of iridescent tile colors and samples at most home improvement and specialty tile stores. I would definitely bring a large sample home before considering it to see how it would look in the space you had in mind because this particular tile would probably look very different in the store lighting than it would in your own home. In fact, we recently redid the back splash in our kitchen, and I brought home about a dozen samples, taped them all up over the existing back splash, and left them up for a few days so that I could stand back and really get a good vision of the final outcome. This was the only way I was able to be confident in my choice!

Home Decor Ideas -- I love this shimmery tile!! Lots of creative tile ideas for kitchen back splashes, master bathrooms, small bathrooms, patios, tub surrounds, or any room of the house!

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