Super Easy DIY Holiday Mint Plate

Amaze your craft group, kids and in-laws with this super easy and fun melted mint plate. This project is so easy, cheap and quick! Kids and adults of all ages love creating this magical holiday plate. I would do this DIY melted mint plate at the nursing home; from start to finish we would have this project (un) wrapped-up in less than an hour.

Holiday Mint Plates. Pick your pattern. Quick and easy!

Materials Needed:

  • Pam cooking spray
  • Round cake pans
  • Green and Red Starlight Mints
  • 300 degree oven

Step 1. I’ve had the best luck when I sprayed the pans with a little bit of cooking spray. I have forgotten before, and it has still worked to get the plate out. But, I’ve also had it happen where I have to work so hard to get the melted plate out that it has broken in the process – and that is disappointing.

Round cake pans make just the right sized mint plate.


Step 2.  Unwrap your mints – I found these mints for $1 a bag at the dollar store so to be on the safe side I purchased 5 bags and had plenty of extra for the candy jar afterwards. ( one is looking, go ahead and have one!)

Mint holiday plate. Fun, easy kids diy project for Christmas.


Step 3. Create a design using the different colored mints.

Get creative with your mint holiday plate. Arrange cool patterns.


Tip: Fill in all the gaps best you can. Don’t be afraid to break some mints to fill in the gaps. For the most part, if you fill all the large gaps, it should all melt into place.

Mint holiday plate made with melted peppermints.


Step 4. Place the pan in a 300 degree oven. Checking every 2 minutes until the candy is almost ready to bubble.

Quick diy Christmas peppermint plate.

Tip: You don’t want the candy to start bubbling, but you need them to get hot enough your plate will stay together. This process should be about 8 minutes give or take.

Kids DIY craft for holiday plate.

Step 5. Let it cool. I like to set the hot pan on the ground outdoors to cool (I’m typically doing this craft in Iowa during the month of December).  If you aren’t in a hurry, it can cool indoors on a cooling rack. You could also try the fridge or freezer but be careful because it might be more breakable if the candy cools too quickly.

Easy, quick holiday mint candy plate.

Step 6. Remove the plate from the pan. Once it is completely cooled, you can stretch and wiggle the pan to loosen the plate within. Once it’s loose, place your hand on the top of the mint plate and invert the pan to release the plate onto your hand. I like to have an audience for this part because it looks kind of magical. I get lots of “oohhs” and “aahhhs”!

Tip: A simple way to display your homemade mint plate is by putting it on top of a cake stand or simply turn a glass, Christmas mug, wine glass or mason jar upside down.

Beautiful display of Christmas goodies with a homemade mint holiday plate.


This would make a beautiful Christmas party goodies tray, Christmas wedding cake stand or birthday cupcake stand!

Elf on the Shelf chose to perch on the mint plate.

Our Elf-on-the-Shelf, Boo, got involved later that night and made his own mint holiday plate. 🙂

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