15 Super Easy Halloween Treats To Make

2. Spider Cookies

These are the easiest and cutest Halloween cookies you will ever make! The instructions are pretty self explanatory, but here are a few little tips that might help.


  1. Bake your favorite cookies (I like to use peanut butter cookies for this but sugar cookies also look nice). I usually just use store-bought refrigerated cookies because I’m lazy.
  2. After your cookies are done baking, immediately press the middle of each cookie down with the blunt end of a spoon to create a dome for your spider’s body to rest.
  3. Let your cookies cool to just above room temperature, and then place your spider’s body (chocolate truffles, malt balls, or small peanut butter cups) onto the center of each cookie. You want the cookies to be just warm enough to melt the chocolate on the bottom a bit so that it sticks to the cookie.
  4. Use chocolate frosting to pipe on the legs and attach the candy eyes to the spider’s body. You can also use the chocolate frosting to help adhere the bodies to the cookies if they’re not sticking well.

Halloween Party Food Ideas for kids and adults!-- These are easy and so fun to make! Chocolate Spider Cookies

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