Distressed Metal Letters (Home Decor Idea)

About a year ago, my husband and I took on a mini project in our home and transformed what was a microwave area in our kitchen into a fun bar space. The only problem now– I can’t walk by without wanting a drink! But even with this inconvenient downfall, it’s easily one of my favorite little corners in the house.

I recently decided that the space was missing something, so I went on a hunt for a cool bar sign. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything that was fitting, so I had a little “aha” moment– what if I were to make my own bar sign!? I had all kinds of DIY ideas in mind, and was getting ready to make a trip to the craft store to see what my options were when I discovered these beautiful tin letters on Amazon. Ummmm, so much easier! And they were just what I was looking for. I think that they look swell up next to all of the wood cabinetry.

Although I used these letters to compliment my home bar, you can also use them as initials on a book shelf or as unique wall decor reading something like “EAT” in the kitchen or “LOVE” in a bedroom. They would also be a nice addition to your Christmas decorations reading something like “JOY” or “PEACE”. There are so many possibilities!

You can find the Tin Letters here on Amazon (prime shipping) — They are 7″ tall and can stand on their own, or you can easily hang them on the wall if you want. They are available in every letter of the alphabet including the “&” symbol, and range anywhere from $11 to $17. It seems as though the more rare letters (like X or Q) are on the higher side of the price range.

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